PIX4D MAPPER essentials


A specialization module is best followed in combination with a PRO XL module (or if you already have proof of Specific).


Photogrammetry is a technique for converting 2D images into a 3D model in which accurate measurements can be made. You can then use that data to create maps, 3D models of buildings and objects, volume measurements, monitoring of areas, etc… Pix4D is the market leader for photogrammetry production based on drone images. The software allows you to create an orthophoto mosaic, elevation model and 3D point cloud.

Why should you take this course?

From the beginning, PIX4D goes hand in hand with surveying. PIX4D is undeniably the most user-friendly and accurate software for these applications. Pix4D makes it possible to measure from images. Ground control points allow for precise measurement.

Target audience

Land surveyors, aerial surveyors, drone pilots, scientists, farmers, photogrammetry experts, inspections, public safety, R&D, archaeologists, cartographers, engineers, defense, demining services, nature experts, real estate, construction and building, virtual reality, energy producers, historic preservation, mappers, cultural heritage, etc…

Training content


  • Introduction to photogrammetry
  • Collecting ground control points
  • Planning a drone flight with Pix4Dcapture
  • Introduction to checkpoints
  • Analyze Pix4Dmapper’s Quality Check Table

Practical Exercise

  • Launch Pix4Dmapper Desktop
  • Open a Pix4Dmapper Desktop project
  • Create a Pix4Dmapper Desktop project
  • Georeference with the Basic GCP/MTP Editor
  • Calibrate the camera
  • Georeference with the rayCloud
  • Generate the dense point cloud
  • Edit the dense point cloud
  • Generate the orthomosaic
  • Edit the orthomosaic
  • Measure in Pix4Dmapper Desktop
  • Create a Pix4Dmapper Cloud project
  • Measure in Pix4Dmapper Cloud
  • Create a custom Pix4Dmapper Cloud project
  • Share Pix4Dmapper Desktop deliverables
  • Share Pix4Dmapper Cloud deliverables


Teaching type

In classroom with instructor




2 days from 9am till 5.30pm each


Official PIX4D trainer (Aaron Woods, Andres McIntyre, Justine Cuevas of Rhea Garratt)

Prior knowledge


  • Prior knowledge is not necessary
  • Good knowledge of the language
  • Good mood
  • True airmanship (discipline, skills, safety)


DROONHAAVN, Kotterstraat 99, 8380 Zeebrugge


Sandwich lunch, coffee, tea and water are included.


Writing material, paper course and class materials are included.

Number of persons

Minimum 10 & maximum 20 students
The course will take place when a minimum of 10 students are registered. You will be notified of this at the latest 2 days before the training.

Proof of attendance*

After the training, you will receive a personalized proof of attendance of the followed training.

Learning goals

After completing this course, the participant should have enough information on using the PIX4D software in applications with drones.


Participants must bring a Windows PC (No Mac unless it’s running Windows) to complete the production exercises.


The price is 790 euro (excluding VAT). 

  • This certificate is in no way an official document but is proof that you attended the course at Noordzee Drones.


Group discount

As of 5 registrations: 10% discount on the standard price per person.

As of 10 registrations: 20% discount on the standard price per person.

Recognized Entity & Designated Entity

We are recognized by EASA and comply with the directives and standards. We are audited on a yearly basis to verify this recognition.

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Quality education

We score the highest level of satisfaction as an audited SME service provider, Qfor and WSE quality label. Our high-quality standards during training result in a high success rate among our thousands of trainees. Via the evaluation forms, we receive the highest satisfaction score.


The course is very comprehensive and complete in every way. We will prepare you for all the subjects with the best follow-up. Also, there are sample exams to help you prepare better.

Experienced instructors

All training courses are developed by a team of experts and taught by experienced teachers/instructors with specialist knowledge. Our instructors meet 'teach & learn' standards and have many years of experience in the aviation industry.

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