With this EU drone training, you can start working professionally and gain a lot of expertise. Open A1 & A3 + Open A2 + Specific + Practical courses

After the training, you will receive a ‘Proof of attendance’ of the course attended.




A pre-recorded lesson, which you can watch at any time from home.
1.750 Prices excluding 21% VAT
  • 24h theory "Anytime Online"
  • Opportunity to ask questions during theory
  • Drinks and sandwich lunch
  • Paper course
  • Digital course
  • Fluorescent safety jacket
  • Access to My ND
  • Theoretical & Practical Assessment (1st try)
  • 12h practice (indoor & outdoor - only in Belgium)
  • Proof of attendance
  • Declaration of practical flight training




Anytime online

Prior knowledge

Not required


Live with instructor (only in Belgium)

What is included?

1. Theory Pro XL

The theory conforms to the requirements of the European legislation.

Everything for the open and specific category is included in this package, including lessons on EU legislation.

2. Practice Pro XL

Everything for the open and specific category is included in this package, including lessons on EU legislation.

Here you receive the full package with lessons Alfa (indoor), Bravo (outdoor) & Charlie (outdoor).

3. Assessment (exams)

Through the PRO XL, your theoretical and practical (first attempt) assessments (exams) for the specific are included in the price.

4. Proof of attendance

After the training, you will receive a certificate of the attended classes, as well as the passed theoretical and practical PRO XL assessments (exams) to fly in the ‘specific’ category as a recognized & designated entity.

Theory Pro XL

Practice Pro XL

The date of your first Alfa class (indoor) is included in the proposed sessions.
During the theoretical training, the dates for the practical Bravo and Charlie classes (outdoor) are discussed with the student. Practice can only be followed in Belgium. The practical training takes place during the week or weekend, according to your personal schedule and always following the principle of true airmanship. The below mentioned is included:

The classes are taught by experienced and certified instructors. You will only fly with our drones of the brand DJI. The practical lessons are given in duo control so that the instructor can take over in case you lose control of the aircraft. During the practical course you are insured against accidents.

In case of ‘bad weather’, new arrangements will be made.

Additional information

Content of the training



Pro XL

*This certificate is in no way an official document but is proof that you attended the course at Noordzee Drones.


PRO XL Discount

  • 15% discount if you can present an Open A1 & A3 and Open A2 certificate.
  • 25% discount if you have previously taken ADVANCED XL training at Noordzee Drones.

Group discount

  • As of 5 registrations: 10% discount on the standard price per person.
  • As of 10 registrations: 20% discount on the standard price per person.

Recognized Entity & Designated Entity

We are recognized by EASA and comply with the directives and standards. We are audited on a yearly basis to verify this recognition.

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Quality education

We score the highest level of satisfaction as an audited SME service provider, Qfor and WSE quality label. Our high-quality standards during training result in a high success rate among our thousands of trainees. Via the evaluation forms, we receive the highest satisfaction score.


The course is very comprehensive and complete in every way. We will prepare you for all the subjects with the best follow-up. Also, there are sample exams to help you prepare better.

Experienced instructors

All training courses are developed by a team of experts and taught by experienced teachers/instructors with specialist knowledge. Our instructors meet 'teach & learn' standards and have many years of experience in the aviation industry.

Gratis ONLINE drone infoavond

02/05/2024 van 19u30 tot 20u30

Interesse? Nog geen cursist?

  • Wat doen met een drone
  • Waar vliegen
  • Risico’s
  • Soorten opleidingen
  • Vragen over EU wetgeving

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