Promoter Noordzee Drones, in cooperation with several partners, is subsidised by the ESF for the “Courses of the Future” project. Specifically, 5 training courses will be created within the theme of drones. These must become hands-on training courses to strengthen the Flemish labour market. Both technology and innovation are targeted.

There are 5 sub-themes on which different partners work together:

  • Drones for precision agriculture: ILVO, Belgian Drone Federation, MKict
  • Drones for construction: Buildwise, Bouwunie, Embuild, Belgian Drone Federation, Constructiv
  • Drones in offshore: IMEC Universiteit Gent, Belgian Drone Federation, De Blauwe Cluster, Falconavo
  • Construction and maintenance of drones: VTI Roeselare, Constructiv, IMEC Universiteit Gent
  • Drones and dataprotection: IMEC Universiteit Gent, Diverscity (VVSG), MKict, VINGAR

These themes will be further developed into training programmes with a view to synergies. Together with various stakeholders within each theme, we will examine what is going on in the work field, what concerns and needs there are, what solutions can provide an answer to these, what preconditions need to be built in, etc. In this way, a broad support base is created for the drone courses of the future.

Stakeholders, who have already committed, are:

Klankbordgroepen - Engels

Interested in becoming a stakeholder? Contact us at laurent@noordzeedrones.be stating which topic you would like to apply for.

The development of each program involves 5 steps:

  1. Market research
  2. Collecting content
  3. Converting content to a training module
  4. First test session, evaluation and adjustment
  5. Market-based training

The ultimate goal is to offer people, who are struggling to find and/or keep a job due to the covid epidemic, the current economic and energy crisis and/or the transition most sectors are going through, concrete and hands-on training that will help them become more competitive in the job market, secure their future and that of our economy.

The project budget is 1 000 000 EUR of which 1 000 000 EUR is funded by ESF.

Gratis ONLINE drone infoavond

06/08/2024 van 19u30 tot 20u30

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  • Risico’s
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  • Vragen over EU wetgeving

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